The Story…..

October 9, 2010

Chapter 1  : “I, Disposable” –  By James Curran @

Chapter 2 : “Unhandled Exception” – By Charles Petzold @

Chapter 3 : “Heaps of Trouble” – By Eric Gunnerson @

Chapter 4 : “Ego, Impatience, Sloth and Zombies” – By Aaron Goldman @ Tech Tock

Chapter 5  : “A Model/View to a Kill” – By Jon Skeet @

Chapter 6 : ” The Great Destructor” –  By Jason M Baker @ Jason in a Nutshell

Chapter 7 :  (coming soon!)

Chapter 8 :  (coming soon!)

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Join The Story….

October 9, 2010

Would you like to be part of the fun?   Participation is open to any Tech blogger who can manage several paragraphs of humor.   Email the coordinator at james-dot-curran-at-gmail-dot-com to be scheduled.

The idea is that each person writes a “chapter” (one blog article of about 1000 words– actually anything in the range 500 to 2000 words should be OK), which is a trashy melodrama of intrigue in the IT world, with lots of dotnet-ish puns and double entendres (plus as much safe-for-workplace sex as one can fit in).  Include a “Next chapter coming soon at (other person blog)” line at the end, which would be updated to a link when that person posts their chapter (which, hopefully, they will do within about a week).

Each chapter should have some sense of continuity with the previous chapters (but inconsistencies are good too, if they’re funny), but be self-contained (i.e, picking the story up the next day rather that the next minute of the previous chapter). This should make it easier for both the readers and the writers. (But, ending with a “hook” to drive the next chapter would be good). It’s perfectly fine to bring in new characters, locations and situations. When we run out of people wanting to write a piece, I’ll just conjure up some ridiculous deux ex machina to tie everything up and bring it to an conclusion.

Your chapter will be on your blog, under your name, and your copyright.


October 9, 2010

In 1969, a group of respected New York area writers wrote a novel (under a pseudonym) Titled, Naked Came The Stranger that spoofed the tawdry sensationalistic Jacqueline Susann-like books at the time, by each in turn writing one chapter — deliberately inconsistent and poorly written, but with lots of sex– and then passing it on to the next. The resulting novel was a bestseller, even before it was revealed who the authors were. This concept has spawned many copies, such as “Naked Came the Manatee” (Florida-based writers writing a novel which took place in Florida), and “Naked Came the Phoenix” (by a group of female mystery writers)

Naked Came The Null Delegate is an attempt by a groups of .NET blogger to create a similar story.